Tunnel Vision 1.0 line-up:

Airco, Duel, Mek, Acse, Conan, Jeuk, Odes, Zoomie, Sniek, Amer, More, Vak, Ding, Liefs, Rolur, Airok, Myk, Satu, Dan Due, Duma, Kynz, Bione, Stix, Veks, Phonkie, Alfa, Armoe Heerst, Blec, Briks, Clone, Erts, Pham, Spook, Byms, Dims, Real, Turd, Enos, Swok, Hoer, Rize, Sawer, Skill, Tcha, Eech, Hihat, Ream and Uno.

October 2nd, Boxtel, the Netherlands.